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The Real Jasper

Remember when I wrote about the time Madeline cornered Jasper under the couch, poured his food on his head and down my vent, then emptied his “glitterbox” into the empty food bowl? And then pulled him into her bath with her?  All in the same day?

The infatuation continues.

This morning  I noticed Madeline dragging a bag around the house.
She was way too interested in the stupid bag for it not to be something mischievous.
So I grabbed a camera and asked her what she was doing.

YouTube Preview Image
  • Mike Smiles Noel

    HAHAHAHAHA! That’s great. I have that shirt too :)

    • Kate Conner

       Yesss.  We sometimes rock the “Saddleridge Ranch” one too.

  • Bluemoon55965

    Your house is so clean! Every time I try to catch cute random kid moments on film the background looks like we just had a tornado! 

    • Kate Conner

       I had just mopped, so all the crap that is usually on the floor was on my dining room TABLE.  It still is.  Very classy over here.  :)

  • Krista Marie

    I definitely used to do that as a kid.. so much fun!! Lol. My friends and I would also hold our cat, Snowball, up and pretend he was Simba while singing “The Circle of Life” on my top bunk bed. Lol..

  • Rebecca

    Believe it or not, I had a cat who thought this was GREAT fun!  Tina was a little on the odd side anyway, but she would crawl into the bag, I would carry it into another room, she would get out, and then repeat.  This was the same cat who gnawed on Christmas lights, though. :)

  • Bekah

    Loving the Needtobreathe in the background! :)

  • sahmwannabe

    My 4 year old daughter loves to give our kitten stroller rides and she tried to hand feed her like she is a baby!  What is it with these girls and their cats?  BTW, she refers to ”kitty glitter” or the “glitter box”!!  I never thought the litter box could sound so cute.

    • Kate Conner

      I know, right?  I think that “The Glitterbox” is going to be my next business endeavor.  I’m going to bedazzle that sucker out.  I think it would make the chore much more enjoyable!  :)

  • Molly

    I really think our babies would be besties. My girl smells mud from a distance and is instantly dirty. I battle between finding it endearing or annoying. 

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