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Storms and Kisses


This morning “pre-storm” was in the air.

The hours and minutes before a storm are like negative space.  Like all the molecules in the air arrange themselves into little concave vessels, ready to be filled with with water and wind and electricity.

This morning the sky was dark and green.  The birds were conspicuously absent.  The wind came out to play.

I stood out in it – feeling the wind, the electricity, and the eager, open-armed molecules on my skin and it occurred to me:

The moments before a storm are both empty and full; they are tentative, and charged with invisible energy, like the moments before a kiss.

Happy Friday, friends.


Morning Happy

I got up early to send Madeline off to school this morning.

I was going to have a bowl of cereal, but we were out of milk.
I was going to do my Bible study “homework,” but my book was in Dan’s car.
I was going to clean, but HA HA HA.

So instead, I’m sharing with you all the internet things that made me smile this morning.  I hope that, in your mind, they take you to a quiet, cozy place – with tea – and make you smile really, really big at your computer screen.  And maybe giggle to yourself.  And, if you’re like me, cry tears of happiness.

This orchestra flash mob was beautiful!  Joyful, joyful, indeed.

YouTube Preview Image

1. “After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” [Aldous Huxley,1931]
2.  The man at 4:09 – I did the exact same thing.

This video from Kid President via SoulPancake was not at all what I was expecting.  While it is funny, it is mostly heartwarming and encouraging and beautiful.

YouTube Preview Image

“And it hurt, man!  Not cool, Robert Frost!”
“What if there really are two paths?  I want to be on the one that leads to awesome.”
“We were made to be awesome.”

And this little fella, who stole my heart.


Happy Friday, friends!

Happy Friday

It’s technically still Friday here in central time.

One of my favorite things about living in a rural community is the stars.  Sweet summertime stars.

It is 75° out, now that the sun has been down over Alabama for a while.  In my back yard is a swing, a field full of fireflies, and a sky full of stars whispering my name.  Tonight, I think I’ll answer.

Happy Friday and goodnight!


Happy Friday!

Wishing you all a sweet, sweet weekend.


I hope your Friday is this happy:

You guys, that’s the best face I’ve ever seen.
Much love!

P.S. I love GIFs and The Office.  So naturally, I’ve watched this one 45,876 times today.

Happy Friday!

Last week we were in Bloomington, Indiana visiting my parents.


It was beautiful.

It was amazing.

I got bangs.

And this.

Just kidding.

About the tu-tu that is.

The bangs are real.

When we got home Madeline ran into every room of the house and gasped because, “we were gone for so long she forgot what it looked like.”  While she was squealing in amazement over every inch of our floor plan, I went through the mail and found :

1. A giant box of gourmet chocolates.

2. A tax refund check.

It was the best welcome home party I’ve ever been to.  Madeline and I gasped and squealed together.


Dan gets home from New York tomorrow morning.  Until then, I will be lying in my bed reading Joan Didion.

Oh, Mom, I borrowed your Joan Didion book.  Thanks!

Happy Friday, y’all.
Much love,