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Spring Break 2012

Spring break feels different as a grown-up.

In college it was all “Woo-hoo! Spring Break!”

Now it’s all “Oh man, Madeline’s going to be home ALL WEEK.”

In college it was all, “Let’s make this week count!”

Now it’s all, “Let’s survive!”

Here is our Spring Break Survival Handbook, 2012.

Day 1:
60 degrees; so windy; latte indulgence; Target; pet store (Madeline’s zoo); kids napped at the same time; cleared inbox (almost); dinner with friends, where Sam got lots of kisses from his girlfriend; these for dessert.

Day 2:
Library day; made chocolate chip cookies with Madeline because this happened; finished a post I’ve been thinking about for months; sat on the couch with my husband, reading all evening to the tune of Johnny Cash’s “My Mothers Hymn Book.”

Day 3:
Outside four hours, breathing the wind; Chick-fil-a for late dinner; met a low-vision family there, providence; Madeline made fast friends, a play-date in our future; kids went straight to bed; held hot tea and wrote for hours.


Day 4:
Madeline aced her piano juries; Library again, her favorite incentive apart from chocolate chips; Sam is a marathon napper, if it were possible for me to love him more for this, I would.

Kate: I got some movies while we were at the library
Dan: Which ones?
Kate: Country Strong, Invictus, and Fame
Dan: Fame?
Kate: Yes.
Dan: So…two girl movies and one that you’ll fall asleep to after 20 minutes?
Kate:  Yes.
Dan: Thanks, Babe.  I’m really looking forward to watching Invictus by myself at 11:30 at night.
Kate: You love me.
Dan: Yes I do.

Day 5:
Added Country Strong to my list of favorite movies; set up every track in the house for train day, can’t walk in the play room, only ride; dreamed enormous dreams for myself, note to self: do this more; tackled the laundry pile, known to Madeline as “the clothes forest.”  House smells like clean sheets.

Madeline goes back to school Tuesday, and all will be “normal” again.  Except that means that I have to figure out how to make a whale costume for her end-of-the-year play.  If she’s really nice to me I won’t just print out a picture of Free Willy and tape it to the front of her shirt.


  • Anonymous

    Hi Kate, my name is Samantha and I found your blog through a facebook share about Jerry Falwell. Great post by the way. I thought it would be fun to connect as we’re both Liberty Alum’s and writers. I think we also have a friend in common: Katie Bowman :) We figured it out the other day. Have a blessed day. – Samantha

  • Floyd

    I’m new to your blog and love it!  Was thinking about your whale costume… if you’re not a seamstress (I’m not), I have an (cheesy) idea.  Take a blue pillowcase, cut out arm & head holes, stuff it with polyfil (maybe put that in grocery bags to keep it from leaking out of the holes), cinch it at the bottom for a tail effect.  Make a spout hat for her head (you’re on your own with that!).  It’s less of an oh-my-goodness-you-should-do-this-for-a-living approach, and more of a how-can-we-make-this-work take.  You definitely won’t win an Oscar for costuming :) , but if you take time with some of the details it might turn out pretty cute.  Just a thought!