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Serious Thoughts On The World Series

Last night I was watching the first game in the World Series with Dan, and something was bothering me.

Every time they showed the Giants pitcher, Tim Lincecum, I thought, “WHERE have I seen that man before?”

The news?  No.

SportsCenter?  No.

Commercial?  No.

Fathead?  No.

And then it hit me:

Just wait, it gets worse…

Ahhh!!!  Do you be-lieve in life after love?  (After love, after love, after love…)

(I’ve decided side-by-side look-alikes are my new favorite thing.  I still chuckle over Dan/The Unabomber.)

So have I completely ruined the World Series for you?  Or MADE it?

Well, Tim, if the baseball thing doesn’t work out, it’s safe to say you could have a future in the entertainment industry.  You know, I think you could really pull this off!

Just kidding; I mean no disrespect, Tim.  You’re a class act.  Don’t quit your day job.

**As I am married to a serious sports fan, you can expect more serious sports thoughts to come.  I will dazzle you with my depth of insight into the sports world.**

And in defense of Tim Lincecum:

  • Laneygirl27

    Hey Kate he could be Katie Jones twin brother. That is who he looks like to me. lol By the way i love your blog. :) Elaine Ray

  • Megs

    I literally laughed out loud. Well done. :)

  • Pmitchsmom

    I told Johnny that HAD to be the ugliest HAIR I have EVER SEEN!!!! And I was pulling for the Rangers just because of it!!!!! But Francour is also on the Rangers. I so LOVE this you MADE IT for me. I am so thankful Mitch has not gone that crazy with his hair. He did however dye it pink (along with other colors at different times during the playoffs in high school and college). But the pink dyed his scalp and he did not go to church because of it, I said next time you dye it think about….