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I Instagrammed this last Thursday.

That is my signature.

On a final contract with Broadman & Holman Publishers.

On its way to Lifeway Christian Resources.

And just like that, it’s official.  I am writing a book.

Actually, I lied.  I’m not writing a book; I’m writing THREE books.

I’ve alluded to these books for a while now, as this process has already been a long one, but now that the blood ink is on the page, I’m coming out of the closet.  A lot of you suspected I was in there, and you were right.  I am coming out of the first-time-author closet.

The books are based on last year’s “Ten Things I Want To Tell Teenage Girls,” and they are fun.

That’s the thing about stepping into the publishing world upside down and backwards (I’ll share this story with you eventually):  I get to write my fun book first.

If I had started with a manuscript, you can bet your ever-lovin’ mind that it would not have been about teenage girls.  But since I didn’t start with a manuscript (I started with a blog post that mounted into a tidal wave which I am gratefully choosing to ride), I get to do my cheeky, sassy, hyperbolic, “lets have a conversation about vapor-thin American Eagle tanks and Facebook statuses more dramatic and narcissistic than Lady Macbeth and the implications both of those things have on womanhood – real, strong, noble womanhood” book first.

It is so. much. fun.

Here’s what you need to know:

- The first book is written to you, my peers:  teachers, youth leaders, moms & dads, aunts & uncles – people who happen to be influencers of teenage girls.  People who have had it “up to here.”  People who read the post and immediately sent it to the teenager in their life.  People who said,

“I wish someone had told me this 20 years ago!”

“This is what I’ve been trying to tell my teenager for YEARS.”

“This isn’t just for teenage girls; this is the best advice I’ve read for women anywhere!”

“This should be mandatory reading for all high school students.”

You loved it, you shared it, you get a book.

- The second book is written TO teenage girls.  For the girls who read the post and said,

“I am a teenage girl and this is SO TRUE.”

“I am a teenage girl and I cried when I read this; it is exactly what I needed to hear.”

“I am a teenage girl and I hate your guts, shut up, you don’t know me!”

It touched a nerve.  You loved it, you hated it, you hated me.  You get a book.

- The third book is for everyone who said, “What about the boys?”

They get a book, too.  Dan is writing that one with me/for me.  So maybe I should say, “If we don’t kill each other in the process of attempting to complete a project together as a married couple, then you get a book.”

- There are stories.
Stories about my impulse purchase of neon purple leggings, my first trip to the tanning bed, and a subsequent trip to a tanning bed in which my friend, Nicole, and I almost attacked an elderly man with a hot curling iron.

Stories about the time I gave flirting lessons to girls on my dorm, about a completely mortifying rebound relationship of mine, and about the time I got a phone call from my child’s teacher to tell me that my firstborn had run from the school bathroom, naked, in front of 17 of her peers.

There are lots of fun stories.

- The tentative release date for all three books is summer 2014.

So GET EXCITED. There are big things ahead, and big things here in the process.

So much love,

  • Rebecca

    SO EXCITED!!!! I would like to pre-order all THREE!!

  • Dorie

    As a step-mother to a teenage girl, a youth leader/sponsor for our church, and “Aunt Dorie” to countless kiddos; I cannot tell you how much I’m looking forward to reading the “book for us”. Thank you for sharing your experiences, stories & insight.

  • Amy Maddox

    I’m excited!

  • Cindy

    I will order them all and of course tell everyone about them…When you speak at conferences can I be the person who comes along and watches your kids?

    You know…since there’s a chance I’ll still be looking for a real job in 2014 ;-)

    • Kate Conner

      Yes. Seriously, yes.

      • Cindy

        Fantastic ;-)

  • shelby@honeysuckle

    So excited for you, Kate! Can’t wait to read it!

  • Arleigh

    Can’t wait to read them!!!

  • christie

    good for you! your writing needs to get out into the published world! i’ve been thinking about the teenage portion of my daughter’s life a lot lately. i’m constantly asking myself what choices i can be making NOW (she’s 2.5) to steer her in the right direction. (Jesus, duh) ALSO, down with the instagram selfies! they make me sad.

  • Mandie

    Hi! I just recently discovered you, and I think I’ve finally read through all of your blogs…yes all of them. Aaaaand I would just like to say that I am soooo excited about your bookS!!!

  • Dana Adams

    Congrats, Kate! Very exciting!

  • Aimee Steckowski

    woo-hooo!!!!!! so excited for you girl!!

  • Miranda W.

    So excited!!! I will buy all three!

  • Lyndsay Borchardt

    Yay! I want to pre-order them NOW. The “Ten Things I Want To Tell Teenage Girls” post is how I got hooked on your blog a month or two back (thank you very much, Pinterest).
    I cannot wait to read all three of them. :)

  • Dawn Shelton

    Yes. I am one of the many that was introduced to your blog as a result of that particular post…and have been faithfully returning ever since. Oh, and my teen daughter was introduced to you at that time as well. Okay, so was my husband. That was quite a cord you struck with the masses….

    (Poor man has to listen to me dramatically read some of your posts as I’m falling apart with laughter. Not sure if he is laughing at your prose like I am or just laughing at me, but I don’t care as we’re laughing together!)

    Congratulations and I look forward to your wisdom and wit in bound format!

  • Lesley

    Kate- I am simply thrilled for you and can’t wait to read your books, all three of them! And, I have to admit, I love seeing that contract (as all hopeful authors probably do) because it’s a reminder that even mamas with young kiddos can write and publish. I hope to be in your shoes someday, and I’ll be looking to you for advice on how to manage it all. No pressure. :)

  • Elaine Palmer Ray

    I knew God was going to do Great and Mighty things through you!! :) I love you Kate! I am praying and cheering you on! May God always Bless you and your wonderful family!! :)

  • Laurel

    Please, please, please tell me your books will be available in Canada. I may cry if they’re not.

  • Andrea


  • Kristy Genung

    Mentioning your story about teaching girls on. Your hall to flirt reminds me of the time you were telling is about the good make out spots on campus lol….the old post office in schilling. Maybe that’s why they closed that office lol ;) can’t wait to read the books.

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  • dukeslee

    Cheering for you. I just now found you, and my … I’m ever glad I did.

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