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Monkey See, Monkey Do

Sam learned to walk this month.  And since his big sister uses a cane, he figured he would too.

Incidentally, he has perfect form.

YouTube Preview Image


I snagged this sweet moment on my birthday, and so far, it’s my favorite present.

  • Tammy

    Kate… how wonderful to see Sam walking! We miss him in the nursery and all of you since you left us!

  • Andrea

    Oh my word- how adorable is that!!
    And Happy Birthday! :-D

  • Katie

    hahaha so cute!

  • Elizabeth

    Hey, I got tagged for this, and tagged you in turn; I hope you don’t mind. My cousin, who tagged me, said I didn’t really have to play along cause I was pregnant, and I won’t hold you to it for the same reason.

  • Sharla

    That is awesome. He’s pretty good with the cane for someone so wobbly on his feet.

  • April

    That is so cute! My son just learned to walk as well. Don’t you love the straight-leg waddle? :)

  • Katie

    Seriously. Cutest thing ever. You definitely get the best gifts when they come from your kiddos.

  • Megan

    I miss your posts, Kate!

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