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Happy Friday!

Last week we were in Bloomington, Indiana visiting my parents.


It was beautiful.

It was amazing.

I got bangs.

And this.

Just kidding.

About the tu-tu that is.

The bangs are real.

When we got home Madeline ran into every room of the house and gasped because, “we were gone for so long she forgot what it looked like.”  While she was squealing in amazement over every inch of our floor plan, I went through the mail and found :

1. A giant box of gourmet chocolates.

2. A tax refund check.

It was the best welcome home party I’ve ever been to.  Madeline and I gasped and squealed together.


Dan gets home from New York tomorrow morning.  Until then, I will be lying in my bed reading Joan Didion.

Oh, Mom, I borrowed your Joan Didion book.  Thanks!

Happy Friday, y’all.
Much love,

  • Sgcmonroe

    Need to see pictures of the bangs!

  • Adele

    I am a lifelong bang devotee. Props.

    • Adele

      Oops, should’ve made that bangs, with a ‘s’ right? We just call it a fringe here in Aus land. Whatever, I’ve been rocking one since primary school. You don’t want to see me fringe-less!

  • Katie McAleece

    Nothing like chocolate and money waiting for you when you get home. Yeesh. If that’s not something to come home to I don’t know what is. haha!

  • Juliasmath

    I went to IU and I can’t place where that is on campus and it’s driving me crazy! Where?! Also did you grow up in Bloomington?