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  • Billie

    Hi Kate,

    This week I was bound and determined to read ALL of your blog, back from the beginning. I would start to read a few posts before I left for work and I got so engrossed that my husband would text me, “When are you coming home again?” Oops – I just spent an hour and a half reading Kate’s blog; I guess I better go home. I love your teachings, your sense of humor, your everyday life stuff, and your passion for ideas and Christ. One day I was in the library and I just burst out laughing at something you wrote. (I got a lot of stony looks about that – I just needed an elderly librarian to say Sshh! and the moment would have been perfect.) In reading some of your posts, it was like an answer to prayer. There are issues I have been wrestling with and then, Bam! Kate has a post on that issue which really put it in perspective. Anyway reading your blog has been fun and a blessing and I can’t wait to get your books! Be blessed and encouraged and have a great weekend. :-)

    PS. Your kids are adorable.