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Glad Tidings

I have Glad Tidings for you.

That is a play on words; if you were here you would see that I am “pink with barely controlled glee.”  (Name that FRIENDS episode.)

The glad tidings are that I get to share some of my new favorite Christmas music with you today.  It’s an album from Folk Angel called “Glad Tidings.“  (You understand my glee.)

You guys: there are drums and clapping.
There is whistling.
There are strings and bells (the nice gong-y kind, not the jingle-bell-rock-kind).

It does not overlap with any of the other music in my Christmas cue, and I can listen to the whole album without wanting to skip songs or switch artists.

It is melodic, and folksy without being sleepy, and it has been bringing me joy for the last couple of days now.

Here is what you need to know about Folk Angel:

1. They are from the great state of Texas.

2. They all have facial hair.

3. They love Jesus.

4. They’ve put out a Christmas EP/album every year for 4 years now.

5. Last year’s album featured performances by Robbie Seay Band, Tedashii, Shane & Shane, and more. (So maybe look into that one, too.)

6. I knew Jeff when we were in high school, and I will never forget the time a bunch of us were sitting around one night, and, guitar in hand, he belted out “No Woman No Cry” at the top of his lungs in the worst Jamaican accent I’ve ever heard.  I mostly remember this because my cousin was visiting at the time, and for the last 10 years, we’ve been singing the chorus back and forth to each other every so often, trying to replicate the accent.  We still can’t.  (I am very sorry to say that “No Woman No Cry” does not make an appearance on this album.  Next year, *fingers crossed.*)

7.  These guys have generously offered all of you readers here a FREE download of one of the songs off of “Glad Tidings.”

Yes, free.

Click this link to listen to “O Little Town of Bethlehem” online, and right-click it to save the song to your computer, courtesy of the guys at Folk Angel.   

Since I know that you are going to want to buy the album after you hear it (that’s not a weird promotional statement; I know because it happened to me – five seconds into the download), “Glad Tidings” is available on iTunes here.

And you can keep up with them online at their website, here.  

Give a listen, be a friend, and spread the word.  We could all use some free Christmas music, especially when it’s as happy as this.


  • Kate Conner

    To download:

    If you have Quicktime, you’ll see a little arrow on the far right side of the tool bar on the center of the page (next the the “forward” button). Just click it and select “Save as source,” and you’ll be able to save the track on your computer.

    If you don’t have Quicktime, no arrow. Just right-click anywhere on the page and select “Save As” to save the track anywhere on your computer.

    Easy, peasy!

  • Joyce Courtney

    I downloaded the album off of iTunes. Love it! :) (i remember meeting Jeff and telling him that he’d make a great worship leader someday.)

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  • Brooke Courtney


  • Lindsy Griffis

    You had me at folk and Christmas. I’m VERY excited about this!!

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  • Aimee Steckowski

    oh my — i have been eagerly awaiting this for a few days — off to download & enjoy!!!

  • Aleida

    Beautiful music! Thanks for sharing!

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