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Family Photos

Dear reader,

You must photograph your children.  Cell phone pictures are not sufficient.  Take the time, make the call, spend the money.  Get good photographs of your kids so that in 10 years you can look back and think,

“Wow, there we were.”

My cousin-friend took these pictures for us a few weeks ago, and in 10 years I’m going to be even more grateful to her than I am now.  Now I’m happy because I can show off how cute my kids are, but in 10 years I will be able lay eyes on my children exactly as they were on May 29, 2012.

I’ll think,

“Look, there we were.  26 and 27 years old, five years into our marriage and each with only five or six grey hairs.  Madeline was four and breathtakingly beautiful. Sam was nine months old and had exactly seven teeth that made him look part boy, part rabbit. We lived in Alabama, just the four of us, and our back yard was a great big field made for running.”

Because of my friend and her camera, I can keep this evening that will never be again, forever.

(Photos by: Brooke Courtney Photography)

See Brooke’s photos of the kids’ bath time here.

  • Rach

    You have a beautiful family! Getting professional pictures isn’t something that has become very popular over here in Ireland and its so hard to find a photographer that will do candid portraits like these! I’m hoping that we can get some family pictures taken the next time I go to the states…these are great! 

    • Anonymous

      I will totally come to Ireland! TAKE ME TAKE ME!!

  • Laurel

    Beautiful pictures! I can almost hear the “shreek-laughter” that only little girls can do in the photos of Madeline with the hose. What an incredibly special gift.

  • Hannah Skeeters

    those are great!!! i totally agree on getting good photos of your children…they are priceless!!! wondering what program do you use to arrange your photos on your blog?? 

    • Anonymous

      It’s called Storyboard, which runs via Photoshop!

  • Jessica Sliman


  • Sarah

    Sam’s eyes are flawless. And Madeline’s curls are so precious! 

  • Aliesha

     What a gorgeous family.  Great job, Brooke!

  • Katie

    These are awesome.  You’re beautiful, Kate and Madeline and Sam are precious.  Good job Brooke!!  (as always!!!)

  • Lesley

    Okay, so I’m working backwards on your posts…and this one answered the question I posed in my last comment. You little guy is 9 months! So precious. I love the water photos. 

    • Kate Conner

      Yes, 10 months now!  I think the shot of the firefly flying out of Madeline’s hands is my favorite. :)  Sweet summertime! 

  • shelby@honeysuckle

    I’ve always loved Brooke’s photography and these pictures are simple amazing. p.s. Sam’s eyes are out of this world. How do you get anything done?! :)

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  • Christine Trevino

    Love love love.  Good pictures are an incredible blessing!