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Fake Butter, Fake Cheese, and Fake People

Here’s how things work around here.  After four days of eating virtuously, we make Alfredo sauce from scratch.

 Because life is too short for fake butter, fake cheese, or fake people.   AMIRIGHT?

Also, please forgive my fingernails, which, as my precious, hilarious sister-in-law says, “look like a cat’s been chewin’ on them.”  How’s THAT for a Southernism?


  • Capital :)

    You crack me up…I had to scroll back up and look at your nails…obviously, I wasn’t paying close enough attention at first glance :)
    Ruth (“capital”)

  • Pollyanna

    So nice to have you back on the blog :) . I too had to scroll back and look at your nails :) . Thanks for sharing Rwanda link yesterday btw — will be paying more attention to how I use the word “forgive.”