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  • Jessicasliman

    Someone this just doesn’t mesh with my picture of PGA players. Love it. Hilarious.

    • Kate Conner

      I love it!  Golfers are people too!

  • Don Barber

    wrong on many levels.  Wish I hadn’t

  • Sharla

    Awesome. I watched the WHOLE broadcast yesterday, not particularly by choice. Seeing this video makes it almost worthwhile. The announcers mentioned his colorful style, but I didn’t know this is what they were talking about. Key: he’s not just wearing denim overalls, he’s wearing JUST denim overalls.

  • EmmaLou

    Keep it classy, America!

    Seriously though, for every 100,000 views this video gets, $1,000 is donated to charitable causes. That is classy indeed. :)

  • Rach

    He is also sporting a semi-mullet….at least it looks that way from the front. I mean, its almost a requirement of an overall-wearing man named bubba. 

  • Becca

    That’s so cool. I still chuckle about Padraig. My husband is called Patrick, and he has finally stopped getting annoyed when I call him Pod.

  • C. Michael

    For someone who has been golfing her entire life, I find Bubba (and his family) so refreshing.  His talent is raw, his faith is WONDERFUL, as is his humor!  Golf is not a stuffy game.  I love Ben Crane’s videos…they are hilarious.

  • Louise

    Just the good ol’ boys, Never meanin’ no harm…
    He OWNS the General Lee!! 

  • Kirsten Oliphant

    I just found your blog.  I like you.  Clearly, I am not alone.  But jus thought you might need the pick-me-up of one more person saying I LIKE YOU.  

  • Jennifer Levell

    I’m with you. I love that a guy named Bubba won the Masters. It’s simply awesome. :)

  • dale coleman

    Kate , I just saw your blog through a friends Fb. You are a talented, gifted writer! Keep it up girl!