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Braille, yo!

Hello, my name is Kate, and I am a braggy mom.

I had to – HAD TO – share this video of Madeline practicing her tracking and her sight words tonight.

Not from memory, not using her vision.
This is legit braille reading, y’all, and this momma is proud.

(Apparently proud makes me speak southern.)

YouTube Preview Image

(Yes, Sam is systematically emptying the entire pantry in the background of this video.  I promise we feed him.)


  • Carly

    Seriously awesome. “Uh oh!” She’s a rock star.

  • Danielle Susskind

    Amazing….Madeline rocks!

  • Rebecc

    They snuck in an M!!! Really?? That girl is sharp….you’re in trouble!!

  • Joyce Courtney

    Wow!! Wow! Wow!!! So amazing! :D

  • Tasha

    She’s an amazing reader! And she has an incredible mama.

  • Lesley

    This is sooooo fun to see! (How do you know what she’s missing? Do you have a “cheat sheet”?)

    • Kate Conner

      Lesley, I know the alphabet, a handful of contractions & punctuation, and MOST of the alphabet whole word contractions. (In the video I forgot “M” – it stands for “more!”) I DO have a fantastic cheat-sheet, in fact, it’s a cheat-BOOK! I am going to have to start using it more and more as she gets better. She’s passing me quickly, time for practice! Ha ha.

  • Christine Trevino

    Yay Madeline! You brag away Kate!