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I’m Kate.

I am an introvert, an optimist, and a first-generation Southerner.

In 2007-2008 I: got engaged, graduated college, went to North Africa, got married, moved to the deep south, had a (surprise!) baby, learned our baby was born blind, and entered into full-time ministry.


I’ve been writing as a coping mechanism ever since.

I write because I would lose myself if I did not.
I write publically because I believe that is what I’m supposed to do.
I write about funny, serious, good, hard, embarrassing, inspiring stuff.  Life-stuff.

But the best thing I do, is mother.  I am co-raising three amazing little people:  Madeline, Sam, and Henry.  They all have big blue eyes and dimples and I die every day.

I watch: Parks & Rec, Parenthood, New Girl, The Walking Dead, Impractical Jokers, House of Cards, The Office reruns forever, and the NBA playoffs.

I will never change the radio station from:  Dave Matthews Band, Hootie, Billy Joel, Ingrid Michaelson, U2, Vanessa Carlton, Macklemore, Mumford, One Direction, Ben Rector, or Marc Cohen’s “Walking in Memphis.”

I read: Anne Lamott, Glennon Melton, Shauna Niequist, Jen Hatmaker, Brene Brown, Allie Brosh, a lot of memoirs, and Harry Potter forever and ever amen.

I love: Coffee, hard rain, spray paint, emojis, and North Carolina.

In all the world, nothing has taken hold of me like Christ.

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  • Mary Ascol

    I love your about page. Made me smile:)

  • Jody Myers
    This lady is taking credit, or at least not giving it, for your hard work. That should be your new #11. Girls don’t pass off someone else’s work as your own.

    • Kate Conner

      Thank you for alerting me, Jody!

  • Vicki Haase Marney

    I’m a beginning writer myself, and received a link to your blog from Vannetta’s blog/interview about you. I couldn’t resist but respond when i read your last paragraph, because I am literally doing just that. Six years ago, my husband accepted a new position within his company, which includes travel, and LOTS of it! He accepted it, only because we knew that since our children are all grown and beginning their own families, we didn’t have anything holding us back, so why not? We are out for 4 weeks, then home for a week, getting ready for the next trip. Then out for 4 weeks again–repeat, repeat! Living out of a suitcase has become our lives,, just as living in a hotel and eating in restaurants, more times that not. In the past 6 years, we have now gone from not even having passports, to visiting 23 countries, and we are loving it! (in fact I was in England last month and currently in Madrid right now, and heading to Canada next month.) As a reality show person once said, “It’s a crazy life, but it’s OUR life”. Good luck on your books.

  • Hazy

    hi Kate

  • Hazy

    do you have any photos of you lying in bed after your hubby impregnated you? I want to see his jism dripping down your thighs please.

  • Kate Long

    I loved this so much.

  • Syndal Dmochowski

    Kate- I just read a quick read book called “Let’s all be brave” Loved it. I think you’d like it too Check it out!